Domestic and international technology communication

Because of the strong international background of Bayeco, we assisted CNPC to host several high-level international scientific and technological communications. 

December, 2013, Mr. Karl S. Bourdeau, (a senior advisor to Bayeco and also a partner of the largest environmental law firm in the U.S, Beveridge & Diamond) was invited by Bayeco to conduct a workshop for CNPC staff. The workshop included four topics: 1. U.S energy policy and market trends, 2. Major U.S environmental regulations affecting the oil & gas industry, 3. Current scientific and legal developments regarding hydraulic fracturing and 4. Best practices in the use of environmental due diligence and environmental management systems.

April, 2014, Dr. Najmedin Meshkati (Tenured professor of Civil/Environmental Engineering and Industrial & Systems Engineering at the Viterbi School of Engineering, USC; Science and Technology Adviser to the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton) was invited by Bayeco to conduct training for more than 40 senior managers from CNPC. The workshop included five topics: 1.A Practical Workshop on Petroleum Industry Safety: Lessons Learned from Major Accidents; 2.Human and Organizational Factors in Safety of Technological Systems; 3.Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) and System Safety (SS) Case Study; 4.Safety Culture; 5.A Closer Look at Accident Causation in High Hazard Industries. 

Bayeco invited the senior managers from the MEP, CNPC and Sinopec to visit the Viterbi School of Engineering of University of Southern California and EPA to have an experience exchange in PM2.5 and VOC control. 

Bayeco has been participating in "The Global Leadership Program (GLP)" of the USC Marshall Business School since 2013. As an active participant Bayeco offers internship opportunity to the most academically talented incoming freshmen from the Marshall Business School.

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