Mr. Karl S. Bourdeau appointed as Senior Advisor of Bayeco
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On December 10, 2013, Mr. Karl S. Bourdeau,a partner of the largest environmental law firm in the U.S, accepted the appointment as Senior Advisor of Bay Environmental Technology (Beijing) Corp. .Mr.Karl will provide professional advice for Bayeco on developing international business and R&D.



Picture: Bayeco CEO&President Kevin Wei and Mr.Karl S.Bourdeau

Karl S. Bourdeau is a Principal of Beveridge & Diamond, P.C. and is the former Chair of the Firm’s Environmental Practice Group,  Washington, D.C. For  over thirty years, Mr. Bourdeau has engaged in a wide-ranging litigation, regulatory, transactional and legislative practice involving hazardous substance and hazardous waste issues under the federal Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA), and analogous state laws. He has also been active in representing clients on a variety of international environmental, chemical risk assessment, and federal Information Quality issues.

Mr. Bourdeau has worked extensively with a number of global oil and gas companies on a wide variety of environmental matters. More recently, he has devoted considerable attention to numerous issues related to the emergence of hydraulic fracturing operations in the U.S,and the evolving environmental regulations and policies governing those activities. His law firm has been widely recognized as expertise regarding both onshore and offshore oil and gas environmental and energy policy and regulation in the U.S.

Mr. Bourdeau’s work has included representing numerous clients in government and private cost recovery litigation underCERCLA, as well as with respect to administrative order and remedial action settlements under CERCLA and corrective action permits and orders under RCRA. Mr. Bourdeau's practice has also involved substantial participation, beginning with the inception of the RCRA program in 1980, in many of the major RCRA rulemakings and judicial challenges to those rulemakings in the D.C. Circuit. For example, Mr. Bourdeau served as an industry representative on the Hazardous Waste Identification Rule Advisory Committee, which was convened by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to advise the redefinition of hazardous waste under RCRA.

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