Bayeco invited a Chinese Government Delegation to USC and EPA
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On April 7, 2013, Bayeco invited 16 government officials, senior directors and experts in environmental field including the governors from the Ministry of Environmental Protection of the PRC, Mr. Zhou Aiguo, (Vice General Manager of Safety and Environmental Protection Department of CNPC), Mr. Liu Chunping, (Deputy Director of Energy and Environmental Protection Department of SINOPEC),to visit the Viterbi School of Engineering of University of Southern California (USC). The Viterbi School of Engineering (USC) ranks as the seventh best US university in the field of engineering. It has excellent research capabilities and advanced experience in environmental research and technology. Mr. Yannis (U.S. National Academy of Engineering, Dean of The Viterbi School of Engineering) gave the welcoming speech.

The trip included a visit to the U.S EPA with multiple seminars focusing on technology and regulatory experience in  VOCand PM2.5 control area.

The delegation recognized   Bayeco’s management team and initiatives and efforts  in VOC control and vapor recovery promotion. 

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