State Department of Environmental Conservation visits the industrial VOC treatment equipment of Bayeco
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In order to reach the VOC treatment requirement and understand the VOCs treatment technology, the State Department of Environmental Conservation organized Environmental Protection Administration, Scientific Research Institution and some other 150 students visiting Yanshan about the VOCs treatment equipment of Bayeco. Bayeco, which taught those VOCs controlling technologies and successful project cases, obtained compliment by all of them.

Bayeco, which provided carbon fiber absorption, condensation and some other complicated process technology for 12 sets of equipment in Yanshan, is the contractor of the “Blue Plan” in Sinopec. There are over 10 species pollutions including benzene, methylbenzene, Ethylbenzene, Diethylbenzene, styrene cinnamene, glycol ethylene, acetone, vinyl acetate and so on.

In July of 2015, Bayeco is honored the first state environmental protection engineering center for VOC control in petrochemical industries by MEP. This VOC center undertakes the VOC monitoring job, convention, treatment, standard, communication and cultivation.  ‍‍

Bayeco, as the leading enterprise of VOCs treatment, keeps developing and innovating technical researches on the complete VOCs treatment technology.

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