Bayeco participated in the “Second China Petroleum and Petrochemical Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Technical Communication and Exhibition”
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November 5&6, 2015, “The Second Chinese petroleum and petrochemical health, safety and environmental (HSE) Technical Communication and Exhibition" was held in Ningbo, Zhejiang. The meeting was hosted by China Petroleum Institute, and more than 600 people from national ministries, PetroChina, Sinopec, CNOOC etc. attended the meeting. 

Being the support organization of“National Environmental Protection volatile organic petrochemical industry pollution control engineering technology center”, Bayeco was invited to participate the meeting and had a special report on "The petrochemical industry air pollution control - technical system and case study”.  Bayeco is dedicated to provide the industrial pollution control applications for the refinery and petrochemical industry with special expertise in industrial VOC, oil vapor recovery, low NOx burner and PM2.5 control, and successfully implemented more than 300 sets of VOCs treatment facilities, and Bayeco was named by Forbes magazine as the Chinese leader in oil and gas recovery area.

The experts and the leadership gave Bayeco a high evaluation for the outstanding engineering achievements, and recommended us to speed up the promotion of related technologies in order to improve the overall VOCs treatment level.

Outstanding performance:

Continuous and stable operation (8 years) of VOCs treatment system- Changxindian oil depot

Provide acetone and vinyl acetate recovery system for SINOPEC Yanshan Company

Provides the first oil vapor treatment solution for crude oil marine terminal -- SINOCHEM Zhoushan Marine Terminal;

Provide SBR rubber off-gas control system for CNPC Lanzhou Company (RCO) 

Successfully implemented a multi-furnace gas with low nitrogen burners(NOx<70mg/ Nm3).

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